This course teaches about the need of reducing the levels of consumption and the mainstream ways of purchasing and using products, food, energy etc. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources. Many people are aware of the importance of their consumption choices and care about environmental issues. However, most of them do not translate their concerns into concrete actions when purchasing goods and services. The participants to this course will reflect on how they can make concrete changes in their own lifestyles and change their consumption habits in order to be better equipped to teach environmental sustainability to their students.

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Ecological community or school gardens are a great tool for teaching values such as tolerance, diversity and promote social inclusion of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds (such as migrants, refugees, people with learning disabilities etc.). In addition, learners with learning disabilities (such as children with attention deficit symptoms, ADHD) that participated in our gardening activities, enhanced their nonverbal communication skills, developed awareness of the advantages of order and discipline, learned how to participate in a cooperative effort and improved their relationships with the group members.

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Today more than ever, we are surrounded by “citizen initiatives” aimed at the defense of heritage, the development of relationships and the exchange of knowledge and opinions. Using art and culture as instruments, we get closer to the common urban space: the public space, through the eyes of teachers and students, present and future “city makers”. We will generate an experience that allows us to dialogue with the city and its citizens, producing urban actions and interventions of exploration and visualization of problems and qualities,  promoting critical thinking about society and common spaces.

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More courses coming soon…We are still in process of putting these courses on this new web:

  • Using recycled materials to teach environmental values (upcoming)

  • Teaching nutrition and healthy lifestyle to disadvantaged learners (upcoming)

Tailor-made courses

Customized courses on sustainable development topics can be designed for groups of at least 6-8 participants.

We are open to new proposals! Does your school have some specific needs? Send us your ideas or proposals and our experienced team of trainers will design the perfect course for your team!

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