• Outdoor and nature-based education and experiential learning

    Learning in nature has happened ever since humans exist. The small boxes called classrooms, training rooms and schools have been invented only a few centuries ago. During the last decades, outdoor and nature-based education have become more and more popular as adult educators and teachers worldwide could see its benefits for the motivation and development of their learners.

  • Working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds

    Nowadays, teachers and adult education trainers need to face with very diverse profiles of students from vulnerable backgrounds, marginalized groups in risk of exclusion. Attend a practical Erasmus Plus course to visit relevant local organizations from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, where the rate of risk of poverty and social inclusion is over 30% (INE).

  • Sustainable lifestyles – taking environmental awareness to action

    Join our Erasmus+ Course about sustainability. This course teaches about the impact of our consumption and what you can do to make a difference. This course is suitable not only for teachers and adult educators but for all staff.

  • Creative teaching techniques to promote inclusive education

    In this course Erasmus+ teachers and adult educators will acquire new learning-by-doing and art-based teaching tools and develop their personal and social skills. Join our Erasmus+ Course in Tenerife to better understand and adapt to the realities of your disadvantaged learners such as migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and learners from low socio-economic backgrounds. If you want to learn about different alternative methodologies, this is the Erasmus+ staff mobility for you.

  • Preventing Early School Leaving (ESL) through experiential learning


PARTICIPANT INTERVIEW – Natalja, English teacher



Tenerife Courses consortium hosts Erasmus+ teaching staff mobilities for teachers, trainers and adult educators all over Europe. We organize Erasmus+ KA1 training courses and job-shadowing visits for teachers in collaboration with local organizations and trainers.



We teach using active learning, experiential learning, Inquiry Based Learning and collaborative learning methodsWe have a hands on approach that comprises group dynamics, role plays, experiments, case studies and simulation exercises.


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