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  • Communication and education skills in VET institutions

    Join our Erasmus+ Course in Tenerife. This course is for all professionals who want to improve their skills as trainers or educators in vocational education; and learn how to better make use of a diversity of methodologies in order to increase motivation, engagement and collaboration among learners.

  • Outdoor and nature-based education and experiential learning

    Learning in nature has happened ever since humans exist. The small boxes called classrooms, training rooms and schools have been invented only a few centuries ago. During the last decades, outdoor and nature-based education have become more and more popular as adult educators and teachers worldwide could see its benefits for the motivation and development of their learners.

  • Preventing conflicts, bullying and cyberbullying

    Join an Erasmus+ Course in Tenerife. Bullying and cyberbullying are very serious and common situations that often have a long term negative impact on the ones involved (behaviour disorders, depression, low self-esteem, early school leaving, unemployment etc.). This course will increase awareness about the different types of verbal, psychological and physical bullying and cyberbullying and empower the participants on how to detect it on time and react when it happens.

  • Innovative approaches to environmental education

    Join an Erasmus+ Course in Tenerife. This course will teach innovative methodologies to teach sustainability that compel people to take action and change their individual and collective habits for the better for their health and of the environment.
    Researchers have proved that the fear-based discourse is not effective for taking action regarding the environment. A positive and solution-based approach is much more effective. With this in mind, the participants will experience positive narrative, action-oriented and practical activities, examples of outdoor education by visiting permaculture ecological garden that allows re-connection with nature and ecological food through etc.  

  • Working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Drama and theater techniques in education

  • Increasing teachers’ intercultural competences

  • Preventing Early School Leaving (ESL) through experiential learning


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PARTICIPANT INTERVIEW – Natalja, English teacher



Tenerife Courses consortium hosts Erasmus+ teaching staff mobilities for teachers, trainers and adult educators all over Europe. We organize Erasmus+ KA1 training courses and job-shadowing visits for teachers in collaboration with local organizations and trainers.



We teach using active learning, experiential learning, Inquiry Based Learning and collaborative learning methodsWe have a hands on approach that comprises group dynamics, role plays, experiments, case studies and simulation exercises.


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