In this workshop, educational professionals will enhance their communication and social competencies, essential for fostering a supportive learning environment, particularly for students who may require additional support. The workshop is designed not only for instructors and adult education facilitators but also for non-instructional staff who will find the team-building exercises particularly beneficial.

Participants will engage in active learning techniques and practical activities that encourage a connection with their imaginative side, fostering creativity. They will be challenged to step outside their comfort zones, which is key to strengthening self-assurance and adaptability. The training will cover strategies to enrich the learning atmosphere, focusing on empathy, active listening, public speaking, and managing stress effectively.

There will be a deep dive into the core elements of teamwork and trust-building, with direct experiences that enable participants to apply these concepts in their educational settings. After all, to cultivate and advance technical abilities, a solid foundation in communication and interpersonal skills is indispensable.


  • To improve communication and social skills through hands on methods
  • To improve teamwork skills and promote a cooperative attitude
  • To increase empathy and active listening skills
  • To increase self-confidence and self-expression
  • To learn conflict resolution skills
  • To get inspired on how to integrate teaching soft skills in different subjects.
  • To get inspired on how to encourage a stimulating and open learning environment and foster collective learning.
  • To exchange good practices with peers from other educational institutions from other countries.

Target audience

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult education centers), teachers trainers, school leaders and other school staff and professional workers who want to enrich their communication and teaching skills with theatre techniques.

For groups of 8 participants or more, we adapt the course content and approach to the specific needs of your educational center and offer personalized funding assistance.

Training activities

Day 1 

  • Getting to know each other
  • Using play to build group cohesion & trust
  • Learning to connect with our playful side
  • Improvisation exercises to better cope with changes      

Day 2

  • Physical awareness and body awakening
  • Removing fears and getting out of the comfort zone
  • Breathing techniques
  • Teambuilding exercises

Day 3 

  • Roleplays and exercises to improve soft skills 
  • Increasing empathy and active listening
  • Exercises for boosting self-confidence and self-expression.
  • Techniques to promote emotional intelligence and cooperative spirit

Day 4 

  • Conflict resolution
  • Role plays and simulation exercises to practice how to argue, negotiate, discuss, express your own opinion         

Day 5 

  • Visit to a relevant institution 
  • Final course evaluation, feedback & certificates

Methodology & assessment

We tailor our working methods based upon the participants‘ needs and professional profiles in order to ensure easier adaptability and application of the tools to real life.

Tenerife Courses uses:

  • Active learning and experiential methodologies
  • Participative approach: group exercises, role plays, experiments, case studies, simulation exercises etc.
  • Learning by doing. Hands on approach
  • Collaborative learning: we foster the exchange of good practices and collective learning
  • Non-verbal exercises – to ensure an inspiring learning atmosphere and to facilitate possible language obstacles)
  • Daily feedback sessions and final evaluation

We organize optional social and cultural activities in order to give the participants the opportunity to get to know the Canarian and Spanish culture as well as to do some professional networking and exchange good practices.

Certification and validation of learning outcomes

  • Certificates of attendance
  • Support with the Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Agency

Upon request, we also provide educational centers with additional documents that are required to certify the presence to the course and the competences learned. For example, we provide photos of the training course that can be used for dissemination purposes.

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