Each country has different procedures for issuing Europass mobility documents (some do it via Word documents while others have online systems). Please check it with your National Agency or National Europass Centre.

Then write us by email before the course.

More information about Europass certificates:

EUROPASS is a personal document to record knowledge and skills acquired in another European country.

The two partner organisations involved in the mobility project have to complete and sign the certificate: first in the country of origin ( ie. your own organization/school/consortium); then by the course provider, EDUPLUS Association on behalf of Tenerife Courses.

If you are interested in making a Europass mobility document for yourself, your organization/school will need to apply for Europass first. Your organization/school is the Sending Organisation. EDUPLUS Association (on behalf of Tenerife Courses consortium) is the Host Partner.

In order to obtain Europass, please contact your own National Europass Centre.

List of National Europass Centers

View instructions for education and training institutions to issue the Europass Mobility

View examples of the Europass Mobility