1. Teaching STEM for primary/secondary school teachers 

Traditionally, the education of science was limited to unilateral transmission of knowledge discovered by scientists, leaving aside the practice of science outside of the classrooms and losing all the benefits that it can bring to pupils. These courses will teach the practical methodological tools and materials for teaching science based on the Inquiry Based Learning and Experiential Learning methodologies.

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2. Training critical thinking through active learning

In the digital age, information is just a click away. We can find the answers to a lot of questions and learn about virtually any subject; the era of the democratization of knowledge. But, how can we tell apart reliable information from falsehood?

In this course, the participants will learn active and participatory methodologies for training critical thinking, analytical strength and the skill to discern reliable information.

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3. Science as a tool for teaching values in early childhood

Children are especially vulnerable to tricks and false news in the age of information overload. That is why training in critical thinking at a young age is so important, so we can educate thoughtful and aware citizens that are more difficult to be mislead.

In this course you will learn how to adapt active and participatory methodologies for training critical thinking in early childhood.

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Tailor-made courses

Customized courses on STEM topics can be designed for groups of at least 6-8 participants.

We are open to new proposals! Does your school have some specific needs? Send us your ideas or proposals and our experienced team of trainers will design the perfect course for your team!

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