Soft skills

In fast-paced societies, professional priorities have shifted. Soft skills are vital for adaptation and success. Teachers and leaders must nurture these skills in students and colleagues. This course fosters communication, adaptability, creativity, teamwork, and more, enhancing teaching and leadership methods. Participants explore empathy, active listening, public speaking, and stress management.


Drama and theater techniques in education

This course is for all professionals who want to improve their skills as facilitators of theater-based workshops and learn how to better make use of drama methods in education in order to increase creativity, motivation and engagement among learners. The participants will learn about the drama methodology and improvisation theater techniques and their multiple benefits for teaching values, skills, languages and other topics.


Theater-based techniques to improve public speaking skills

Public speaking and presentation skills are crucial for captivating and maintaining the attention and interest of learners. In this course, teachers, trainers, education staff, speakers, actors and other professionals can learn theater-inspired basic tools to exercise and optimize their voice, intonation and body language. Through a hands-on approach, the participants will practice and master public speaking techniques such as breathing, linguistic articulation, vocalizing etc. Through role-playing and simulations, the participants will improve their phonetic competences, scenic presence and narrative abilities.

Tailor-made courses

Customized courses can be designed for groups of at least 6-8 participants

  • Public speaking skills
  • Non-verbal communication skills
  • Groups, motivation and teamwork
  • Discover your strengths (based on Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences)
  • Stress management and prevention of burnout
  • Self-empowerment and self-esteem for learners from vulnerable backgrounds
  • Social media and digital marketing skills
  • Creative techniques to teach languages
  • Spanish language and culture

We are open to new proposals! Does your school have some specific needs? Send us your ideas or proposals and our experienced team of trainers will design the perfect course for your team!


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