The best way to use public buses & tramways is to buy a rechargeable physical bus card: “TÍTULO MONEDERO”. You can get it straight from the airport. You will have to check in when accessing the bus and check out when leaving (check out just for the non turistic cards =24h/7day cards). 

Recharge it at: the airports, main bus stations (“intercambiador”), tramway stops, shops… All places in this map.


For the bus card you have 3 options, the 24h card, the 7 day card and the Bono Monedero (rechargeable card).

Rechargeable card: you charge the amount you want (multiples of 5€) and you can use it in tram and bus. When entering the tram, by bringing the card close to the lower part of the validation machine located at the entrances, or when entering the bus, by bringing it close to the lower part of the validation machine next to the driver. On the buses, it is compulsory to validate both at the entrance and exit. If you validate at the exit, you will only be charged for the journey made and not for the entire journey of the line. In the bus, if you don’t have enough balance you can pay the rest in cash, in the tram you won’t be able to validate and will have to recharge the card.

The 7 day /24 hours cards are personal, so you pay 52€/12€ (2 for the card and 50€/10€ for the unlimited rides) 

It makes sense to buy the 24h or 7 day card only if you plan to make several visits in other locations outside of Santa Cruz or La Laguna, as in the metropolitan area the tickets are very economical, around 1 euro per trip. The further you go, the more expensive the ticket is. 

When you’re at a bus stop, to know exactly when the next bus is coming: 

Scan the QR-code or  write the stop number in that webpage: 

IMPORTANT: When at a bus stop you have to wave to the driver for him to stop. If not, they might not stop if they don’t have a passenger inside who wants to get off.