To avoid the obstruction of pipes or not contaminating the water, it’s recommended to put toilet paper in the bin, instead of flushing it down in the toilet.


  • Tap water in Tenerife is drinkable.

Bring your own refilled bottle with you to avoid plastic waste. During the course you will have a chance to refill


  • Remember about sun protection!

Hat, sun cream and staying hydrated are important because the ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the Canary Islands is very high.


  • Collecting rocks from protected areas and exporting them from the island is prohibited. 

However, you can purchase these unique rocks in select shops due to their captivating shape, colour, and weight.


  • Be cautious when swimming!

Ocean currents are powerful and unpredictable. Avoid risk in unfamiliar spots. Tenerife’s town beaches often have experienced lifeguards who know ocean safety well.