You can find in our catalogue the description of each course with its specificity. 

What we offer in all our courses:

  • An authentic experience
  • Passionate and experienced trainers 
  • Active learning methodologies
  • Personal development & hands on tools
  • A cross-disciplinary approach
  • Visits to inspiring projects and organizations
  • Learning by doing. Learning by having fun!

You can download some recommendations on how to justify the choice of host organization from the Documents section on our website.

We recommend you make special emphasis on the active learning methodologies that we use in our courses.

Conducting the course with an association that is part of a regional consortium of organizations means the ability to cover all training areas and objectives proposed in the project, flexibility in adapting the course program according to needs and can bring future collaboration opportunities for the applicant. It also gives us the possibility to expand our network of partners at European level, which will contribute to the internationalization of our institution on the long term.